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Free Word Pictures excerpts:
First Chapter of Word Pictures book FREE
Author Interview with Brian Godawa about Word Pictures

Free Hollywood Worldviews book excerpts:
Ralph Winter's Foreword
Preface to the new edition – "God Loves Movies"

Unpublished Material from Hollywood Worldviews:
Appendix: To End All Wars – Behind the Scenes
What to Look for When Watching Movies

Movie Exegesis:
(See my MovieBlog for more recent movies)
The Matrix Series (EPA Award best article)
Forrest Gump
A Beautiful Mind
Minority Report
War Movies Through the decades

Articles about Storytelling and Faith:
Retelling Biblical Stories for a Modern Audience
A History of the Dramatic Arts (from ancient theatre to modern cinema)

The Following articles are no longer available here.
You can find them, along with others, in my new book,
Myth Became Fact: Storytelling, Imagination, & Apologetics in the Bible
(Available on Amazon)
Read the First Chapter to the book FREE HERE
Biblical Creation And Storytelling: Cosmogony, Combat and Covenant
Old Testament Storytelling Apologetics
Acts 17: Storytelling as Subversive Apologetics
The Mesopotamian Cosmography in the Bible
An Apologetic of Horror

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