Praise for the First Edition of Hollywood Worldviews

"Brian's analysis is insightful and stimulating. Our biblical values are colliding with worldviews in the movies, and Brian shows us why. Those values are also illuminated by intersecting with movies, and I find that especially exciting. We might even understand the Bible with more insight from seeing these connections. The chapter on sex and violence is worth the price of the book.

What I appreciate the most is Brian's attention to detail, to a wide number of movie examples, and his ability to simply frame the arguments of overused words like "postmodern." He doesn't talk about the surface issues from a country-club Christian perspective but helps me discern what movies are about. I appreciate the hard work he has done, and look forward to reading and rewatching some of those movies again."
      -Ralph Winter, producer, X-Men, Planet of the Apes, Wolverine

"Provocative and challenging. Even when I find myself disagreeing with Brian Godawa in his evaluation of a particular film, his cinematé and sophisticated point of view command attention."
      -Michael Medved, film critic and author of Hollywood Versus America

"This is an important book. Brian Godawa opens doors of understanding that we never knew were there. He gives us a grid through which we can clearly see what is going on philosophically and theologically within cinema art. Very simply, Brian has written the best book on the various worldviews behind popular Hollywood movies to date. I cannot recommend it enough."
      -David Bruce, webmaster,

"At last! A Christian book about Hollywood by a Hollywood Christian. With biblical balance and artistic insight, Brian Godawa cautions against both the legalisms of cultural anorexia and the naiveté of cultural gluttony. I'll never again watch a movie and be content to simply say whether or not I liked it!"
      -Greg Johnson, resident theologian, St. Louis Center for Christian Study, and author of The World According to God

"The greatest special effect in any movie is a great story. Brian Godawa, a screenwriter himself, understands this and understands the power in a good story's underlying assumptions. His fine book is a helpful guide for everyone who likes to go to the movies without checking their faith at the door."
      -Paul Sailhamer, seminar instructor, Faith Goes to the Movies

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