2015 Chronicles of the Nephilim For Young Adults. Eight Book Young Adult Version. Embedded Pictures, published books. (Noah, Enoch, Abraham, Joshua, Caleb, David, Jesus)
2014 David Ascendant: Chronicles of the Nephilim Book Seven, Embedded Pictures, published book.
  When Giants Were Upon the Earth: The Watchers, the Nephilim and the Cosmic War of the Seed, Embedded Pictures Publishing, published book.
2013 Abraham Allegiant: Chronicles of the Nephilim Book Four, Embedded Pictures, published book.
  Joshua Valiant: Chronicles of the Nephilim Book Five, Embedded Pictures, published book.
  Noah Primeval: Chronicles of the Nephilim Book Six, Embedded Pictures, published book.
2012 Myth Became Fact: Storytelling, Imagination & Apolgetics in the Bible, Embedded Pictures, published book.
  Gilgamesh Immortal: Chronicles of the Nephilim Book Three, Embedded Pictures, published book.
  Enoch Primordial: Chronicles of the Nephilim The Lost Book, Embedded Pictures, published book.
2011 Noah Primeval: Chronicles of the Nephilim Book One, Embedded Pictures, published book.
2010 Omnibus V: The Medieval World, Veritas Press, published chapter,
“History of Dramatic Arts.”

2009 Word Pictures, Intervarsity Press, published book.
Hollywood Worldviews, Intervarsity Press, published book, revised edition.
Apologetics for a New Generation, Harvest House, Ed. Sean McDowell, published chapter “Storytelling and Persuasion.”
2002 Hollywood Worldviews, Intervarsity Press, published book.
2002 The Christian Imagination, Shaw, Ed. Leland Ryken, published chapter,
“Redemption in the Movies.”

2012 Mythcon 43, academic conference presented paper.
"Leviathan vs. the Storm God: Biblical Authors' Appropriation and Subversion of Ancient Near Eastern Mythopoeia"
2011 BioLogos Foundation, Contributing writer.
1995-2011 CRI Journal, Charlotte, NC, published articles.
Scr(i)pt magazine, Los Angeles, IL, published articles.
Sacerdos magazine, Rome, Italy, published articles., French online magazine, published articles.
Reformation in Poland, Poland, published article.
SCP Journal, Berkeley, CA, published articles.
Cornerstone magazine, Chicago, IL, published articles.
Center for Cultural Leadership, LaGrange, CA,  published articles., online magazine, published articles.
Rutherford Institute Magazine, Charlottesville, VA, published article.

2005-present Founding Member, Arts & Entertainment Ministries, Los Angeles, CA.
2005-present Advisory Board Member, Nicene, Nashville, TN.
2003-present Member, Biola Studio Task Force, CA.
2003-present Senior Fellow of Film, Center for Cultural Leadership, LaGrange, CA.
2000-present Member, The Writer’s Network, Los Angeles, CA.
1995-present Member, Scriptwriters Network, Los Angeles, CA.
1996-2002 Member, Writer’s Forum, Orange County, CA Screenwriters.

1995-present How To Watch a Movie
Seminars in various churches and colleges throughout the country.
2010 King’s College, NY, Distinguished Speaker Series.
Biola Media Conference, CA, March.
Veritas Academy Online Teachers Conference.
2009 Biola, Francis Schaeffer conference, CA, February.
2008 Christians in Media LA (worship media conference), CA, April.
Veritas Press Online Teachers Conference, August.
Worldview Conference, Philadelphia Biblical University, Nov.
2007 Center For Cultural Leadership conference on Movies, CA.
Summit Worldview Student conference, CO.
2006 Serious Times Conference, TX March.
Worldview Super Conference, GA, May.
Hollywood Worldviews Conference, CA, Aug.
Society for Classical Learning Conference, Greensboro, NC, June.
Christian Worldview Student Conference, VA,  July.
2005 Judson College, Elgin, IL, Feb.
L’Abri Jubilee Conference, MO, March.
Blackstone Legal Fellowship Law Conference, AZ, July.
Vanguard University, CA. September.
Liberty University Story Conference, VA, Oct.
2002 Westminster Classical College, Elkton, MD.
Art, Movies and Worldviews Conference
2001 Cabrillo High School Center for Advanced Technology, Long Beach, CA.
Screenwriting Story Structure
2000 CFF Film Forum Conference, Germany
Movie Structure and Redemption in To End All Wars.
1999-2002 University of the Nations, Woodcrest, Lindale, TX.
School of Digital Filmmaking,  Koloa, HI.  Screenwriting College Class.

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