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"I've read the entire Harry Potter series twice, a bunch of Star Wars novels, Lord of the Rings and Narnia. I read a ton. And I LOVE Chronicles of the Nephilim!"

– Sam Jenkins, Jr. High Schooler, son of filmmaker Dallas Jenkins


I have been reading Brian Godawa's books for years and so was delighted to see that his deeply theological and artistic mind was now being directed toward fiction writing, especially taking up some of the greatest stories that have ever been written, the narratives of Genesis.  It is a hazardous undertaking for any writer to try to "improve upon" or "fill in the blanks of" the Hebrew narrative, since integral to the genius of those narratives are the sparse details and the brilliance of revealing character through limited dialogue.  Yet fully aware of those dangers and without violating the letter or the spirit of the text, Godawa, displaying an admirable writing talent of his own, colors in many of the details, and may lead many readers, who assume we are already familiar with these "old stories" to in fact return to the Genesis text and read it with fresh eyes, our imagination having been baptized through the experience of reading Godawa's stories. 

– Rankin Wilbourne, Pastor, Pacific Crossroads Church (PCA), CA


"Chronicles of the Nephilim represents the new generation in novel writing. It's compact, concise, and fast paced. Intelligent yet entertaining. Godawa brings a screenwriter's sensibilities to the material that will draw in a postmodern audience that prefers books that read like movies."

– Jack Hafer, Chair, Cinema and Media Arts, Biola University; Producer, To End All Wars


"Godawa is a mind blowing, theologically interesting, adventurous storyteller. Enoch Primordial is an imaginative tale that respects and loves the book of Genesis. It is set in the distant past, yet kicks pagan modernity in the crotch. Chronicles of the Nephilim is a saga that deserves our attention!"

– Douglas TenNapel, creator of Earthworm Jim, The Neverhood, Creature Tech and Ghostopolis


"Enoch Primordial is an entertaining, effective antidote to the pop-culture contagion of ancient alien astronauts. Godawa picks up where he left off on the wild mythopoeic journey he began in Noah Primeval. He skillfully transforms the mild-mannered, stoic biblical characters of our churched imagination into epic warriors. Long live Enoch the giant killer! Despite the liberties taken in his fantasy, the author weaves a high regard for the Bible with a subversive appreciation of ancient Mesopotamia and its mythology. This second volume to the Chronicles of the Nephilim make it the reader's choice for intelligent, theologically-informed fantasy."

– Michael S. Heiser, Academic Editor, Logos Bible Software; author, The Facade and its forthcoming sequel, The Portent.


"Wow! Are you kidding me? It's almost impossible to find page-turning fiction that is also scholarly, thought-provoking, and wildly entertaining. Looks like Brian Godawa has done it again — an amazing mix of imagination plus deep reverence for the ancient Scriptures."

– Adam Christing, Founder, Clean Comedians, Writer/Director Change Your Life! and A Mormon President


“It's a fresh and exciting take on a story we think we know. Godawa's skill as a scriptwriter is evident; the novel unfolds like scenes on a big screen, and there are moments you will recognize as the place you'd stand and cheer in a movie theater.”

– Derek Gilbert, author, The God Conspiracy, Host of A View From The Bunker Podcast


“Noah Primeval Captivates. There are elements of Steven Lawhead's best work here: gritty, brutal, primitive, and full throttle. This novel is masterfully and imaginatively rendered, as captivating as any high fantasy tale.”
– Glenn McCarty,

“Wizard schools and teen vampires are child’s play. This is the origin of sorcery and vampire tales. Noah Primeval will keep you on the edge of your seat with its primal struggle of good and evil. Supernatural fiction, fantasy, and Biblical speculation all as a cinematic novel. It reads like a blockbuster movie!”

– Ralph Winter, Producer X-Men, Planet of the Apes


"A great, spiritual fantasy full of thought and imagination. Noah Primeval is a provocative look at what could have been the life and times of Noah. The cinema-like action and suspense will keep you turning pages until you are finished, while the themes and concepts will remain long after you’re done.”

– Bill Myers - Bestselling Author, The God Hater


“Imaginative yet well-researched. As Biblical scholar, I have a great appreciation for imagination in religious storytelling of the past. I was enthralled with Godawa’s grasp of the Mesopotamian world and enchanted with his modern adaptation of antiquity into an entertaining action fantasy. Such a fictional adaptation may be a big problem from some religious believers with strict views of the Bible, but in my book, Godawa brings to the surface the drama of the original story. He gives to us the Noah of the Bible in a fresh and provocative way.”

– Peter Enns, PhD. Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations
   Author Inspiration and Incarnation


“Anyone who has read the Lord of the Rings trilogy has silently mused about how fantastic it would be if it were all real—a place on earth that transcended our own mundane reality, a time when the unseen world was tangible. Noah Primeval made me stop wishing and start believing. Brian Godawa re-imagines the supernatural storyline of the Biblical Noah blended with Mesopotamian epics. The result is a stirring tale of gods and men that confronts us with biblical reality through mythical fantasy. Noah Primeval is what Tolkien called “sanctifying myth” that we need in our own place and time.”

– Michael S. Heiser, PhD, Hebrew and Semitic Languages
Academic Editor, Logos Bible Software


“When it comes to supernatural fiction, all the publishing industry seems to think about these days are vampires.  Then, fortunately for us, along comes Brian Godawa to shake things up and remind us all what “epic” really means and where good and evil really come from. Noah Primeval is the kind of story that will make you think, and allow you to see the world in a different way.” “Brian Godawa's imagination is incredible.  When he writes, he conjures up worlds that make you re-think what’s possible.  Noah Primeval is a fascinating new take on an ancient story that makes the word ‘epic’ seem far too small.  Pick up the book, but don't expect to put it down until you're finished.”

– Phil Cooke, filmmaker, media consultant, and author of Jolt! Get the Jump on a World that's Constantly Changing


“Here is a disturbingly powerful novel that “sings the Lord’s song in a strange land” at the same time it sings a strange song in the Lord’s land. Godawa captures the spiritual and theological truth behind the biblical story of Noah with an action packed fantasy adventure that reminded me of C. S. Lewis’ Narnia, or the graphic novel Watchmen. If you are religious or not, believe the Bible or not, know the story of Noah or not, but you have an imagination, you will love this novel.”

– Leonard Sweet, best-selling author, professor (Drew University, George Fox University), and chief contributor to


"Noah as a Robin Hood-type rebel in the forest? I'm skeptical about some of the exegesis but not about the essential worldview nor the future of this rollicking tale: Every page screams Movie!"

Marvin Olasky – Editor-in-Chief, World Magazine